Work In Progress!

Web Based Graphical coding

Readings acquired from an instrument are being plotted in real time

This web based application allows users to quickly set up data acquisition rigs on a web-browser that remotely interfaces with scientific instruments connected to the web server.

I wrote the backend on Python which uses CherryPy to host webpages as well as real-time data from instruments.  OpenCV is used to read the data stream from a webcam, and Python-gpib (a wrapper for linux-gpib) interfaces with GPIB dongles.

The Jquery-AJAX based frontend serves as a primitive programming interface. I’ve included support for variables as well as a few loops.  Plotting is carried out using flot.jquery. This was how I started out with JQuery, and JS in general, and a lot of good open-source platforms for webapps have emerged since. therefore, this project stands abandoned.