Work In Progress!

Testing Various sensors and ICs

vlabtool v2 testing scope

Prototype 4

  • Replacing the PGA Vref drivers with TL08 ICs fixed the problems with protypes 1,2,3 . Tested all gain ranges by sweeping frequencies of sine and square inputs across the entire bandwidth, and monitoring the output on a scope. A function generator by Agilent was used to provide the input waveforms.

    A simple laser cut enclosure was also made.

    The picture below shows a 555 oscillator being studied using the device. Three oscilloscope channels are being used to monitor the output, voltage across the capacitor, and the midpoint voltage of the two resistors. The results are shown in the next picture.

    Source: WIkipedia

    I also started using the Input capture modules along with DMA to try to make a Logic Analyzer at no additional cost. Preliminary results from a TSOP1738 IR demodulator IC receiving the signal from a TV remote are shown

    It was also used to test an SR-04 ultrasound based distance sensor

    Without going into the details of scopes and logic analyzers, I’ll post a couple of pictures of both monitoring the same signals.



Bode Plot experiment

I2C sensor add-ons

Tinkering with 555, IR and distance sensors

Amplitude Modulation with AD633