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Thin Film Deposition

An introduction to some of the thin film deposition equipment and materials I have worked with!

Overview of the vacuum chamber at the Spin-lab, IISER Mohali.

During my time at the Spin-Lab at IISER Mohali, one multi-purpose vacuum chamber designed by Excel Instruments was dedicated for thin film deposition.


The system was custom built in order to allow DC sputtering, RF sputtering, as well as Pulsed Laser Deposition . Its various flanges and view-ports with an overall modular design enabled mounting a variety of heaters and target carousels with different configurations.

The turbo pump can pump the chamber pressure down to around 1e-6 mBar.

Two separate gas inlets with mass flow controllers are part of this system, and the user can select between various gases such as Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Helium.

Substrate heaters with telescopic and rotation control can be mounted, and their PID control systems can heat up to 800 degree Celsius via various heating profiles.


Setting it all up!

The installation took place with active participation from Engineers, undergrads, professors, and housekeeping.

DC Magnetron Sputtering

The DC sputtering unit allows mounting 2″ targets over a circular magnet array which focuses the plume. It is water cooled to prevent damage to either the targets, or the magnet array.


Pulsed Laser Deposition

The PLD setup involves an Excimer laser from Coherent Technologies that can output 248nm pulses at a maximum repetition rate of 50 Hz . The chamber of this laser is filled with Krypton Flouride gas which in combination with a HV discharge dimerises to start the pulse creation process.

The output is collimated, and then directed towards the chamber via a dichroic mirror. Right before entering the chamber, it is focussed with a lens in order to achieve optimum energy density on the target.

A maximum of 6 targets can be mounted on the target carousel, and software control allows multiple layer deposition, and automatic rastering of targets.

Plasma created by a Sodium Irridate Target.
An osmium Diboride pellet ejecting projectiles upon being hit by the laser pulse
Close up view of the projectiles bouncing around the chamber
Target Carousel for Pulsed laser deposition.  Up to six targets can be fixed, and raster settings can be configured via a PC.
Ernesto showing off the Excimer Laser



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Coherent Inc. COMPexPro high pulse energy UV laser up to 100 Hz High pulse energy excimer lasers for material processing, medical and life sciences. COMPexPro provides multi-hundred millijoules.
Excel Instruments
Advanced Energy