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Software PID controller

pid can2

Uses a sourcemeter, and a voltmeter to control the temperature of a PCB sealed inside a can and immersed in liquid nitrogen.

pid can2

A diode based temperature sensor is used for measuring, and a voltage regulator was repurposed (misused) as a heating element .  A python script converts the voltage values read from the sensor into temperature via a fitting function based on a look up table provided by the manufacturer. It then decides the the amount of current to send to the heater based on the standard PID equation.

awesomenessStability of around 25mK was achieved




  1. Kobra*10 Kobra*10
    March 19, 2017    

    Hi, I looked what happened to vLabtool development but could not find how far have you reached with your project. I hope you did not gave up. Subsequently, please be so kind to let me know the status of teh project as I am interested to see whether you may be able to finish the part related to data acquisition. I am interested in scanning 50/60 Hz mains signal (8 channels required in total) with the rates of up to 200 – 400 kHz/20mSec ( 1 – 2 MSPS) per channel simultaneously. A total of 8 channels is required. Channels can be arranged as (3+1) X 2 sets. Inputs shall be in the range from 0- 2V Ac (0-200 mV AC) and protected to prevent damage to ADC if the voltage goes above 5V AC (10V AC). Measurement resolution shall be to 24 bits to cope with high dynamics required for the application. After acquisition maths shal include wavelet analysis, fast fourier to provide spectrum analysis up to 100-200 kHz including fast transient wave shape triggering to identify commutation notches associated with solid state valves (thyristors) …An early reply will be highly appreciated. Kind regards

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