Work In Progress!

Pendulum Tracking with OpenCV

As part of a laboratory course on optics, I developed a rig and associated code to track a torsion pendulum and update values to a webpage in real time.

The pendulum itself consisted of a stick suspended from spider silk.

A downward pointed webcam served as the input device, and python-opencv based image processing routines enabled extracting the torsion angle from the live video feed.


Python Script uses OpenCV to extract Angle of pendulum.
The script maintains a TCP server that responds with the latest angle details to clients

Source Code

The library used for image manipulations




A local webserver was setup using Apache, and Drupal CMS was installed.

On top of the fancy Drupal environment, a Jquery+Ajax webpage was coded to fetch values from the server and display an animation corresponding to the angle.

Jquery.flot was used to plot the obtained values inside the browser page