Work In Progress!

Liquid Helium Cryostat

The radiation bafffles are visible on the dynamic VTI being lowered into the cryostat

A pictorial walkthrough of the installation of the He-4 based Cryostat at the SpinLab, IISER Mohali.  This cryostat is equipped with a 3-axis vector magnet and a dynamic VTI capable of cooling samples down to 2 Kelvin.

Construction: vibration , RF, and Acoustic Isolation .

Special care has been taken to isolate this American Magnetics designed cryostat from ground as well as acoustic vibrations. The inner walls of the chamber are also covered in copper sheets to isolate from Radio Frequency noise.

The entire structure is made out of non-magnetic materials since several magnetic field sensitive experiments have been planned using this setup. It will mainly be home to a magnetic force microscope from Asylum Research in additional to custom build probes.

Installation of the Cryostat!
Initial setup of the Cryostat!