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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

4-Kalpataru, IUAC,
New Delhi 110067
jithinbp [at] gmail [dot] com



Year Education
2007Secondary school examination (X), CBSE, The Mother’s International school,
New Delhi, Aggregate – 91.4%.
2009Higher secondary school examination (XII), CBSE, The Mother’s International
school, New Delhi, Aggregate – 87.8%
2014Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,
Mohali, CGPA at the end of 10 Semesters – 7.5.
2007Awarded Junior Science Talent Search Examination(JSTSE) Scholarship by Dte of Edu., Govt. of New Delhi .
2008Awarded Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana(KVPY) Scholarship by Dept. of Sc. and Tech., Govt. of India .
2007-2009Won several awards for Programming and Robotics events at Tech fests in Delhi-NCR
2012,14Volleyball and Football gold medallist at Inter IISER sports meets held at IISER Kolkata and Pune
Year Conferences and Camps
July-2008Attended Vijyoshi Camp in association with KVPY at IISc Bangalore
Oct-2009Vijyoshi camp by JNCASR in association with KVPY at JNU, New Delhi for Scientific Computing, IIT Bombay. Sponsored by Enthought, FOSSEE, and MHRD
Dec-2014Speaker. for Scientific Computing, IIT Bombay. Sponsored by Enthought, FOSSEE, and MHRD


Area Computer Skills (Github)


  • Developed several open source applications for data acquisition and analysis.
    • Point Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy, AC Susceptometry, Virtual Lab, PID control, Cryostat Magnet Control …
  • Various Simulations using Numpy, Scipy, OpenCV .
  • Parallel Processing as well as Distributive computing.
  • Familiar with leveraging supercomputing clusters effectively.
  • Other works include remote data acquisition via TCP sockets as well as XMPP based connections.
  • Well versed in interfacing scientific equipment with protocols such as GPIB, PCI-e, USB and TCP/UDP.
  • Software development for the vLabtool. Includes real time data acquisition , analysis, and visualization.


Pointers, linked lists, structures , dynamic memory allocation and file handling

Applications developed range from an MS-DOS based CAD application and indie games, to fluid mechanics and ODE solvers.

Embedded C

  • Quite familiar with 16 and 8-bit MCUs from Microchip. Have used them in conjunction with analog circuitry to develop low cost test and measurement equipment.
  • Have also worked with developing firmware for a Multi Channel Analyzer based on an ATMEGA32 chipset
  • Getting acquianted with the ESP8266 low cost Wi-Fi chipset

Interfacing Scientific Equipment

  • Working experience with a host of high end tools from KEITHLEY, Lakeshore, AMI,
    RHK, and SRS.
  • Have developed dedicated standalone applications for transport and
    spectroscopic measurements as part of my Master’s Thesis work.
  • Presently working on an educational toolsuite targeted at physics and electronics
    teaching labs
  • Driven towards using open-source tools wherever possible, instead of restrictive and proprietary environments such as LabVIEW
  • Experience includes TCP/UDP, GPIB, USBTMC, RS-232, EUSART, SPI, I2C and IR


  • Classes, pointers, stacks, queues and dynamic memory allocation.


Go to My Google Play Store Showcase

  • Running ExpEYES on Android devices with USB OTG
  • An Android based web server for ExpEYES
  • A Data Logger for Instruments that use SCPI commands and have Ethernet Connectivity. Real time plots from this application have proven to be extremely useful while adjusting needle valves on cryostats to their optimum levels .


  • Ubuntu is my go-to OS for just about all my software and coding needs.
  • Familiar with a variety of distros including Fedora, SUSE, Mint, and Slackware
  • Kernel compilation for A13 based tablets, Raspberry Pi, and custom Real Time Schedulers
  • Cloud setup with NFS sharing and NIS authentication

Web Development

  • Apache, PHP, PHP-gd, DRUPAL CMS, Mod-python, Python-PSP, CherryPy, JavaScript, Jquery and AJAX.
  • Applications developed include A Drag and Drop programming interface, Webapps for scientific equipment, and embedded HTML in Qt Apps.
  • I also designed this website, so you can add a fair amount of WordPress familiarity to the list

Database management

  • Sqlite3
  • MySQL

Office Tools

  • LibreOffice / Open Office


  • PERL
  • CGI, and SHELL scripting



Summer Projects

2007 : 3D modelling software based on Ms-dos graphics.

Authored an interactive C program to create 3D drawings using basic shapes such as lines,
circles, and polygons with textures. Employs dynamic memory allocation ,structures, and
basic trigonometry to rotate the models.

2007 : Sci-ELF robot - Atmega32 based line follower

Atmega32 based line follower developed for the science fair at The Mother’s International School

2009 : Senior Secondary School Exam - Project Work

Authored C++ based football video game with 8-bit VGA graphics. Standard Human Vs.
Computer mode where the PC is capable of making decisions to coordinate its players.

2009 Summer : Electrodeposition and characterization of FeAu thin films. IIT Delhi , Dr. Ratnamala Chatterjee

Thin film deposition of Iron-Gold alloy films by using electro-deposition and subesquent Characterisation using X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy

Summer 2010 : Virtual Lab Project . IIT Kanpur, Dr. Anjan Gupta

Worked on developing a fully open source framework for controlling instruments remotely.
Successfully hosted a resistivity measurement setup using instruments from Lakeshore and Keithley on the Intranet. A real time plot server for web browsers was developed with
Mod-Python and python-PSP. An oscilloscope interface was also made as part of this project.

2011 summer : Scanning Tunneling Microscopy . IUAC, New Delhi . Quazar Tech, New Delhi

Learnt about the design and construction of the instrument from its developers, and obtained atomic resolution scans of HOPG. Visited the manufacturing facility.

2011 summer : Developing an MCA for Alpha particle detectors. IUAC, New Delhi

developed firmware for an Atmega32 based MCA developed at Inter University Accelerator Centre.
Coded features include segregation based on peak energy, reading and writing from CMOS memory, and USB communication . Developed a Python-Tk based GUI capable of spectrum analysis, calibration, porting data to XmGrace etc. Calibration was carried out using Co-60 .

2012 - summer : Instrumentation and radiation detection. IISER Mohali, IUAC

Characterized crystal oscillators using a network analyser at The Ultra low temperature lab, IISER Mohali.

Developed electronics for driving a Geiger Muller tube, and also wired and
set up a Photomultiplier tube at IUAC, New Delhi.

Extracted Thorium from Thorium nitrate for educational experiments.

2013 - May,June : Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics. Dr. Goutam Sheet, IISER Mohali

  • Pulsed laser deposition of YBCO, and SrRuo3 thin films. Sputter deposition of copper on insect wings for piezo response force microscopy.
  • Developed data acquisition software for superconductivity transition measurements using Lock-in amplifiers.
  • Compiled RTOS linux kernel a with low latency desktop for running PID loops for stabilizing tunnelling currents in STMs. Set up COMEDI drivers to access the NI6259 DAQ card, and tested its input/output capabilities .

2013 - July : Remote Access for the Particle Accelerator framework, IUAC

Implemented a CherryPy based web server which hosts a completely dynamic, Jquery
and AJAX based website to allow control and monitoring of various parts of the particle
accelerators via the control system. Supports authentication and user defined pages.


Coursework Related Projects

Simulation of mixing of ideal gases , Prof Jasjeet Bagla

Simulation of ideal gases mixing in an adiabatic box, and extracting thermodynamic data
such as pressure and velocity distribution.

Developing interactive software for simulating and viewing 3-Dimensional phase portraits, Dr. Sudeshna Sinha

Allows configuring equations for X,Y and Z directions. Lorentz attractor equations fed as

Also Simulated fractals such as the Mandelbrot set, Barnsley fern, Sierpinski triangle,and Julia set .

Low temperature PID controller, Dr. Ananth Venkatesan

Made a sealed can for using at liquid nitrogen temperatures. Implemented a software PID loop in Python which was capable of stabilizing the temperature within a 25 milliKelvin error.

tested from 77K to 100K. Temperature was measured using a diode thermometer connected to a KEITHLEY 2000 multimeter.

Measured the temperature dependence of a carbon film resistor .

Simulation of Blonder ,Tinkham, Klapwikj theory plots, Dr. Goutam Sheet.

Simulated results of the BTK theory of transport phenomena across a metal-superconductor interface by using Python-Numpy and PyGrace .

Wrote interactive code to observe changes in transmission and reflection probabilities with respect to the insulating barrier width.

Real time tracking of a sensitive torsion pendulum, Dr. K.P. Singh

Developed an OpenCV based Python program to monitor a torsion pendulum in real time
and hosted a dynamic web page to monitor oscillation plots and video feed with Drupal
CMS , Java script and Python-PSP.

Custom diffraction grating using an SLM.
Dismantled a slide projector in order to use the Spatial light modulator(SLM) as a PC
controlled diffraction grating.

Masters Thesis : Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Transport Spectroscopy at Low temperature, Dr. Goutam Sheet, IISER Mohali

I worked on my Masters thesis during the Academic Year 2013-2014.

During the course of this, I had the opportunity to use and develop several instruments, as well as learn several techniques dealing with low-temperature, high vacuum environment physics.

I also developed software and probes for Point Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy, as Well as a room temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

The abstract as well as the full text of my thesis is displayed here.

Hobby Projects, and Open Source Contributions

A Versatile Labtool

A cost effective, multi-pronged data acquisition tool aimed at schools and colleges . Equipped with a Python Library and several Apps for innovative experiments.

This was an effort spread over a few months, and rightfully has about twenty different pages dedicated to it on this website.
Please choose from the pulldown menu above titled ‘A versatile Labtool’.

Or head over to the intro page.

It was in the running for the Hackaday Prize 2015, and won a few prizes too.

Python Powered Scientific Instrumentation Tool

Spread over about six months, this project has its own page here

This work was presented at, an Intl. Conf. on Scientific Computing in 2014.

The tool-suite, among other things, includes an oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, several waveform generators, and the ability to interface with a wide variety of digital and analog sensors using a Python library running on a connected device.

It was also favorably reviewed on ,and has also won several awards and one of the sponsor prizes as part of the events leading up to the quarterfinals of the Hackaday Prize 2015.

Android applications for the ExpEYES toolkit.

Developed and published on the Play Store, Android applications for connected expEYES
devices. Implemented several experiments such as RLC , Diode IV, and Transistor CE
characteristics. Includes general purpose test and measurement features and a four channel
oscilloscope interface. One touch data analysis tools such as peak detection and curve
Published a remote server application for controlling several ExpEYES devices via WiFi.

Android Application for data acquisition and visualisation from TCP enabled Scientific Instruments

Was very useful for monitoring temperature changes over time while adjusting needle valves on cryostats with dynamic VTIs.

Web browser based drag and drop programming interface.

Based on a Jquery+AJAX frontend, and a CherryPy,Linux-GPIB,OpenCV,Python-usbtmc Backend.

Used for data acquisition and manipulation from webcams, GPIB and USB devices on the

OpenCV based Motion sensing security camera

Logs video clips. Alerts over GChat IRC using xmpppy.

Developing a web interface for ExpEYES low cost instrumentation tool.

Enables users with Expeyes, a Raspberry Pi with a wifi dongle, and a wifi enabled phone to conduct experiments.

Cluster Computing in Python

Simulated the Ising model using the supercomputing cluster via multiprocessing in Python

Advanced Quiz buzzer system with a USB interface

An ATMEGA32 based device Developed for the IISER Mohali quiz club.

Lists the teams in order of pressing the buzzer.

Money managing system for fundraising events

Python-xmpp based program maintains a database of all potential funders, and allows
multiple fund collectors to update and query contributions easily over chat clients

           Other Skills and Interests
LanguagesEnglish , Hindi, Malayalam, Basic French
MusicSangeet Bhushan final awarded by Pracheen kala kendra for vocal classical. 1st
division with distinction (2004)
Flautist in the Raga symphony Orchestra – Performed at Auroville
Guitarist – Performed at Antaragni, and various cultural evenings at IISER
SportsFootball, Volleyball, Badminton