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contributions to ExpEYES

Main menu of the android app

I have made a few odd contributions to ExpEYES, a fully Open-Source, Open-hardware device designed to teach electronics and science on a very tight budget.

Android Application

Coded a couple of Applications to run ExpEYES devices connected to Android based phones/tablets with USB-OTG support. In addition to basic functionality related to test, measurement, and experiments, a server app was also coded and published on the PlayStore. The server allows accessing the device via a TCP connection.


Web Application

This webapp coded using plain JQuery and AJAX is hosted on a Python-CherryPy webserver. The Webserver also replies to GET/POST requests with responses obtained from a connected ExpEYES device.

This architecture is handy when using ExpEYES with single board computers that do not have a connected display.  Once the server has been started on the headless device, the readings can be acquired over wi-fi using a cellphone, most of which have fairly advanced web-browsers.