Work In Progress!

I2C bus via 3.5mm jack


4-Pole 3.5mm socket for sensors that speak I2C

Having to Plug in numerous wires in a particular order each time is an unnecessary hassle as well as a risk. In case of sensors that speak I2C , four connections (Vcc,GND,SCL,SDA) need to be made. The Clock and Data lines can e shared over multiple devices.

Using a 4-pole socket has numerous advantages

  • It eliminates the need to make multiple connections for one device, and also rules out the possibility of errors and mishaps.
  • Since these cables are already a mass market product, good quality ones can be procured at affordable rates.
  • 4-pole splitters can be designed in order to Plug and play multiple sensors [However, The wireless nodes may also be considered here if one can live with a 3mS round trip delay].

At this point, I2C lines are available on the 20-pin expansion slot, a 4-pin berg pin on the center of the top panel, and over the 4-pole 3.5mm socket