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Basic Electronics Experiments

effect of heat on diode IV


  • Characterize an RC filter and plot its frequency response and phase shifts.
  • Measure the IV characteristics of a 4148 diode, and plot the dependence of the threshold voltage on temperature.
  • A simple low-pass RC filter was made with a 10K resistor and 1uF capacitor. The input was taken from the programmable sine wave generator, and simultaneously monitored via CH1 . The output(midpoint of R and C) was also monitored via CH2.
    Frequency was swept from 10Hz to 500Hz, and the amplitude and phase plots are shown

    Photograph of the setup:

  • A 4148 diode’s IV characteristics are plotted.

    Input is taken from a 0-3.3V DAC (PVS3) , and fed to a 4148 diode via a 1K resistor. The other end of the diode is grounded via a current to voltage convertor.

    IV plots are obtained by plotting the voltage across the diode versus the current

  • Set the base current using the constant current source.
    sweep the collector voltage, and simultaneously monitor I_ce

    Screenshot from 2015-09-10 13:24:09